08 | Oct | 21

Richard Johnson

Go Germany!

We have a German champion! From a team that showcases the culinary diversity of Senegal, with its 20 different ethnic groups. After having to cancel and rearrange the German Street Food Awards numerous times because of Covid restrictions, AWA Catering were finally voted the country’s Number One trader with everything from thiebou dienn (the national dish of fish, rice and vegetables) to their Bedouin-style green tea with mint. The Awards were hosted by Tat und Drang (for the fourth time) and Food Mutiny, and AWA Catering now join national champions from events hosted in Italy, Scotland, Iceland, Croatia, Wales, Poland, Switzerland and Britain, with just Tasty Town left to hold the Awards in Denmark. What a year!

Wir gratulieren und freuen uns tierisch mit euch!

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