21 | May | 19

Richard Johnson

Good Night Vienna

Vienna is getting ready to Eat, Drink, Vote this weekend, as the first EVER Austrian Street Food Awards parks up in the centre of the city. And the European Street Food Awards 2019 – Austria promises to be something special. Thanks to hosts Rolling Kitchen. Expect I Eat Vienna, with their Viennese favourites, including fried chicken, boiled beef and Zwiebelrostbraten; D’s Burger, with their patties of Simmental beef, who have been building a reputation on the streets of Salzburg since 2016; Pastrami – Das Original, proving that Austrian beef, gently cooked in a smoker until the breast is juicy and tender, is more than just a snack between meals; and Vleischpflanzerl, Austria’s first vegan food trailer, who will be offering up a gourmet take on lentil burgers. Portugal has already chosen Trinkaki Hamburgueria Premium – Street Food as its street food champion, thanks to Aptece. And Austria is next to vie for a place in the European Street Food Awards 2019 – The Final in Malmo. Rolling Kitchen have found somewhere AMAZING to hold the party. The old tram shed, in the center of Vienna, which was co-opted by the award winning restaurant Taubenkobel last year, will be the centre of the European Street Food universe for one weekend only – so don’t miss it! Check it out on Facebook.

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