The 2017 European Street Food Awards were, quite simply, brilliant. Check them out here. And, with the street food revolution now sweeping the continent, it’s no surprise we’ve signed up lots of new countries who want to launch their own national Awards and send their winners to compete at the European finals in 2018. Take a look at this little lot….


April 30

May 4-6

May 18-19

May 25-28

The Netherlands
June 22-24

July 20

Germany South
July 20-22

July 23-24

August 18-19

August 24-26

Germany North
August 26

August 31-September 1

September 1-2

September 8

September 8

September 21-22

The European Street Food Awards 2018 – The Final
September 29

Times are changing. The High Street is dying. Cookie cutter food offerings just don’t work any more. If they ever worked in the first place. In Europe, we admire individuality. And we want spontaneity. From boutiques to burger bars, cinemas to spas – pop-ups are delighting us all over the continent.

Street food is about more than selling food on the street. So much more. And it’s success reflects a real change in our food culture. We don’t want starter-main course-dessert any more. We want tapas, and tasting plates. We want supper clubs and pop-up restaurants. We want a bit of fun served up with our dinner. And cafes, delis — food businesses everywhere — would do well to understand that.

Generation Y is not only changing the way we communicate – it’s changing the way we eat. The new breed aren’t so much about meat and two veg on the table at 6pm as “spontaneous meal occasions” from a diverse range of cuisines. According to research by Harris Interactive they are cost conscious and informal with a reformed palette, open to wider food tastes, and less likely to be loyal to brands. They also feel strongly about the local community. They are the street food demographic.

In the 2018 European Street Food Awards, we will show how the street food revolution is changing the way we live. Street food coming indoors as big business tries to capture that ‘on-the-run sensibility’ to give their food courts a casual, shareable vibe. Indoors and out, food in 2018 will be portable and flirty with a low level of commitment. Embrace the future, as FINALLY the world starts to understand that lunch doesn’t have to be a sandwich at your desk……