30 | Jul | 23

Richard Johnson

Gorge Norge!

It was close. Very close. The top four food trucks in Norway – according to Street Food Norway at the Norwegian Street Food Awards this weekend – were:
Piece of Greece
Bao Buns Food Truck
Raclette Food Truck.
But the winner of the People’s Choice – decided by the public – AND the Champion – decided by the judges – was Matologi. With Raclette food truck a close second. Both will now go to the European Street Food Awards Grand Finale in Germany September 29-October 1 to represent Norway!

It’s good that the ‘sando’ will be represented at the finals. The Japanese-style sandwich is shaping up to be the most important street food trend of the year. In Norway ?? it’s the wagyu sando, and the main proponents of the art are Matologi. And they’re very proud of the fact.

“We are using Japanese wagyu beef, grade A-5, one of the best cuts of quality beef in the world” says Piotr Zaleski. “Grilled, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, combined with grilled French toast, truffle mayonnaise, ruccola and home-made kimchi to give you an unbelievable food experience. People love it ?”. I bet they love raclette too….

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