2021? Finished. Let’s break bread together again. Come and get involved in 2022. Our Awards have been drawing attention to the great works being done on our pavements since 2009, and things are starting to get really serious. So, if you’re a trader, and fancy coming to compete with the best in Europe, or an interested consumer, get involved. If you run street food events, why not apply to join the best in Europe and run your country’s own national Awards  — with the official national logo provided by the European Street Food Awards and a guaranteed place at the European Street Food Award finals for your winners? Get stuck in – join the street food revolution.


You’ll get press attention from all round the world. We can talk about getting sponsors on board. Plus our team of writers will publish smart, witty stories about you and your finalists on and all our social channels. PLUS you’ll have editorial from all the other competing countries to share on Facebook, twitter and instagram – engaging everyone with this exciting new competition.

You’ll be issued with the official logos, in different formats, for your national Awards and the European Street Food Awards.


Your national Awards can be a new, standalone event, or an addition to an existing event. They can be across one or two days. At the outset you should put out a nationwide call for applications from traders, and choose the very best (minimum 8) to compete.

We will set up a Facebook event page for the awards, and we’ll be cohosts. Something like this.

Use the official logo in the headers of your Facebook, twitter page and Instagram feed.

Provide a full list of your finalists with some text on each one plus pictures in a dropbox folder. We will write about them, and share their stories on social media.

You provide us with details of all your social media channels. We will circulate the details to all the other competing countries, and get an exciting chat going on all over Europe about what’s going on where.

Post all you like using the hashtag #eurosfa.

Recruit a panel of industry experts/Michelin starred chefs etc, and allow them to come along to the event, try everything, and choose a winner using our standardized ESFA marking criteria:
Taste of the food – marked out of 60
Appearance of the trader’s van/truck/trailer – marked out of 20
Innovation/invention of the whole – marked out of 20

You can also allow the public to vote on their favourite and choose a SECOND winner. You can EITHER give people a paper vote as they come into the event, and get all the traders to make their own crazy ballot boxes where people can vote. OR you can run the vote on the European Street Food app. It’s sexier, but a paper vote is easier, and you don’t need a smart phone – everyone can get involved….

The judges’ choice will automatically be given a place at the finals of the European Street Food Awards. The public vote isn’t guaranteed a place, but may be chosen as one of the final’s wild cards (depending on space etc).


Nothing. Well, finalists will need to bring their own kitchen/cooking facility to the European finals, where they will cook for the crowds (who will pay for their food at a street food extravaganza). We will only charge finalists a small pitch fee.

You will need to offer your winner a prize of 1,000 Euros to cover their costs of the travel to the finals and accommodation. This money is ONLY given for their travel/accommodation to the finals once it has all been booked. Then there’s the money to print your voting coupons (if you’re running a public vote), and two banners for on-site branding for your sponsors and/or the ESFA. In return you could make money from increased ticket sales, with free PR from your involvement in a super sexy new European competition and a guaranteed place in heaven. Win win win.


Let us know if you’re interested.

We’ll vet your application. Fingers crossed!

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